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    • Excellent aftercare
      Our specialist has trained with leading experts in the field and utilises the latest in surgical technique and technology for a safe circumcision, a good cosmetic outcome and fast recovery.
    • Comfort & convenience
      Our focus is your and your baby’s wellbeing. You just turn up to the appointment and we will take care of the rest – no shopping necessary
    • Excellent aftercare
      Clear instructions how to care for your baby, a home care pack, follow up appointments where necessary, 24 hour phone support, and a picture messaging follow up consultation service.


    Mr Zev Freilich – Baby Circumcisions North East

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    • AFTERCARE FAQ’S:  How do I take care of my baby following the circumcision?

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    Circumcision Prices

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    We focus on safety, minimising discomfort and ensuring a good cosmetic outcome. Prices are all-inclusive so the following is included: flexible appointment options, a specialist circumcision service, a home care pack including instructions, follow-up appointments where necessary, 24-hour phone support, and a picture messaging follow-up consultation service.


    • Flexible appointment options
    • Risk assessment
    • After-care instructions
    • Pre-op pain relief
    • 24-hour help
    • Information leaflet
    • Follow-up appointments
    • After-care supplies
    ………………………………………….. £200

    For appointments or for any questions call us on 0191 917 4489, or fill out the contact form HERE.



    The experience from calling in to inquire, to the information I was received from north east to the booking and day of procedure was excellent.
    I was very nervous about the procedure initially, Mr Freilich was so efficient and calming, he was a informative, calm, reassuring and knowledgeable. He made me feel like I could trust him to have my baby and go through with the procedure. Thereafter I had some concern later on in the evening and Mr Freilich was attentive and really showed care and initiative.
    My son has perfectly healed, and seems to have forgotten about the whole thing. I would definitely refer you to any friends or family or anyone that asks me for advice about where to go for circumcision.
    Thank you Mr Zev Freilich.
    – Keshia Da Silva,
    When we arrived we were greeted by Mr Freilich, he talked us through the procedure and answered any questions. He ensured our son was fit to have the procedure and weighed him to make sure the right amount of pain relief was administered. Zev was friendly and professional and aftercare communication was excellent. I would recommend Mr Freilich and use him again without hesitation if I was to have another son.
    Tip: Make sure you take lots of nappies of a big enough size, you can’t have too many.
    – Katie Henderson, Durham,
    I would advise anyone who wants to do circumcision for their children and wants to learn new techniques to do circumcisions to go to circumcisions north east
    – Nesreen, Newcastle,
    Hi Zev ,
    I am pleased to tell you that Zayn is healing very well from his circumcision and we wanted to give you our feedback
    ” Our experience at circumcisions north east was great and we are quite happy with the result. Mr Freilich was extremely professional and explained the process very well. The procedure itself took less than a minute and the aftercare we received was exemplary. Would definitely recommend ”
    – Dr Ali & Dr Osman, Durham,
    The service was great, thorough explanation was given to us before and after the procedure. The procedure was very quick. Obviously my son cried, but he quickly settled down and didn’t cry after that. My son was very well that night and did not even cry once.
    The service was great and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants their sons circumcision done.
    – H A, Newcastle,
    I had my 3 week old baby’s circumcision done by Zev, who was recommended to me by my midwife. Zev was very professional, caring and reassuring. I was very worried as you can imagine but Zev reassured me and was very caring towards my son. After care was brilliant too! I would definitely recommend his services 100%!
    Thank you.
    – Shamsia and Onik, Newcastle
    Mr Freilich’s circumcision method was quick and clean and in sticking to his post-circumcision instructions, the best result was achieved for my newborn.
    -Dr. Chidumije & Nnaemeka Chidumije, Berwick Upon Tweed, 2018
    Thank for this service was very professional and easy from start to finish !!!will recommend to family and friends and Mr Freilich was brilliant in explaining the process and being there for the after care
    Many thanks
    -Z A, Newcastle,
    Dear Mr. Zev Freilich,
    I am writing to review the circumcision procedure you did for my baby boy a couple of weeks from today. I would like to 1st of all thank you very much for the excellent and professional service that you provided, 2nd would like to thank you for the wonderful procedure that you did as it healed almost fully in 8-9 days and we did not face any complications whatsoever.
    3rd I would like to thank you for such close supervision within the 1st 24 hours and I feel with the care plan post op, if followed strictly for first week the recovery is excellent and quick!
    My family’s kind regards and may you be blessed.
    – Dr Irbaz Khan,
    We chose to travel from Norway to Newcastle to get our little one circumcised by Mr. Freilich. We chose a home visit. Upon arrival, Mr. Freilich explained the process thoroughly to calm us. The circumcision went swiftly, taking only about two minutes. He then explained and showed us how to change our little ones nappies. He asked us to send msgs for the first few nappy changes just to make sure we had managed on our own and had no further questions. It’s been a week since the circumcision and our little one is almost fully healed. We thank Mr. Freilich and his secretary for taking such good care of us before, during and after the procedure.
    – Rosa Akililu, Norway,
    We would like to say thanks for our sons circumcision. I was apprehensive after our first experience which was far from pleasant. We were thrilled by the smooth and speedy recovery and the area looks clean and healthy. We also love the after care instructions, prepared pack and checks in the first few hours after the procedure. It was helpful and reassuring which I believe helped with his recovery. I would highly recommend to friends.
    – Dr Ljemah Ogah, GP Newcastle, December
    This is my first experience with circumcision in the UK. Commendable points include:
    Easily accessible
    Quick service
    Reassuring environment
    Clear and easy after care instructions
    Clean procedure in experienced hands
    Thanks for keeping us well informed and comfortable during and after procedure. Highly recommended.
    – Dr Zahid, A & E Darlingon,
    First we were worried about the procedure and went in not knowing what to expect… Mr Freilich was friendly and professional at the same time, answered all our questions and explained the procedure from start to finish which convinced us that our son was in capable hands. The procedure was quick and the aftercare instruction was easy to follow and very helpful. The home care pack and 24hr phone support and text messaging was super helpful too.
    I would be happy to recommend people, because our son is healing well and Zev was warm and showed so much care for our son.
    Thanks once again,
    – Bash and Funmi, Dublin
    The service provided at Circumcision Northeast is excellent. We got a prompt appointment. All our questions and concerns were clearly addressed. The procedure was explained with much reassurance and performed safely in a very clean clinic. The aftercare instructions were clear, concise and precise. A direct line of communication with Zev was made available after the procedure. Healing was complete within a week. We will recommend the services at Circumcision Northeast without reservation. .-Dr Diran, Dr Sayo and Grandma, Middlesbrough
    Our appointment ran on time. My wife and me were very nervous going to have our first son circumcised. Mr Zev Freilich was really knowledgeable and made us feel comfortable throughout the briefing. After the circumcision, he provided the absolute best care, and I believe, best advice during every question and for every concern. After the circumcision, my son didn’t have much irritation or discomfort at all and his wound is healing very quickly.
    If you’re looking for a surgeon whose circumcision knowledge is encyclopaedic, provides a 24 hour telephone service in case you have any questions about the after circumcision operation of your boy, then Mr Zev is someone you must consider visiting!
    -Dr Refat Aljumily,
    Mr Freilich was recommended to us by a friend after they had their son circumcised by him & praised his work very highly. We attended the clinic & as first time parents we were quite nervous about the procedure. The room we entered & waited in whilst our son was circumcised was very clean & had a calming atmosphere about it. Mr Freilich explained the procedure thoroughly to us & what would be happening step by step. I found Mr Freilich to be very professional & warming, someone I instantly felt comfortable with. After the procedure the aftercare was explained to us & Mr Freilich suggested we stay in the area for the first nappy change in case there was any bleeding, in which case we could take our son back to be checked. Our son has healed very well & within a few days. He did not seem overly distressed during this time. We would definitely recommend Mr Freilich for anyone looking to get their son circumcised & intend to use Mr Freilichs services again if we are ever blessed with another son.
    -Mr & Mrs Rahman, Middlesbrough
    A very big thank you to Mr Freilich on the outstanding service received from him with the circumcision. Everything went well and within 10 days my little boy was healed. He looks great and tidy without any issues so thank you so much for a job well done. I Highly recommend you.
    -Joy P, Newcastle,
    I want to text my review regarding our baby’s circumcision. We visited the Clinic on the 10th of august. We were warmly welcomed. I noticed that Mr zev [is} very expert in his job, he was very polite and friendly to the baby and to us as well. He knew all we needed to do after circumcision. My baby recovered within few days.
    I highly recommend Mr Zev Frelich.
    -Qasim Khan, North Shields,
    It was a good experience to see first hand how it is was very professionally done and the place was really clean and tidy.
    I would recommend to anyone.
    -Rahman, North Shields
    I would like to thank you so much for circumcision of my son. He is fine, actually he was fine the first night of his circumcision thankfully.  The way u did it and I tell everyone, and they [are] not believing that there [are] no stitches or no glue or ring.
    Anyway once again thanks.
    -Samir , Newcasle, 2017
    Overall we are very satisfied with the great service received, Mr. Zev was very friendly and welcomed us warmly, the environment was clean and organized.  We received hourly texts so Mr. Zev makes sure the baby is doing well.
    I’m very pleased and highly recommend him to all the parents.
    Many thanks, Mr. Zev
    -Eve & Andy, Edinburgh, 2017
    After my son being born, I was looking for the best for his circumcision.  People were saying many things, I then came across north east circumcision  on the web. So gave them a call, quickly got an appointment and the procedure was done very swiftly by Mr Zev Freilich. My son was healed within days. Very happy with everything.
    -Mrs Begum, Newcasle, 2017
    We would like to extend our gratitude to Mr.Freilich for his effort in making the circumscision of our little boy such a great experience. Although like any other parents, we were worried to go through such a procedure. Mr Freilich briefed us of the whole procedure beforehand. He was so kind as to contact us after the circumcision to check on our little one and he was so prompt in coming to our flat when we contacted him about some bleeding [that]our baby had right after we got home. Our baby wasn’t at all irritated after that and his wound healed within four days. We recommend parents to have their boys’ circumscision done with Mr. Freilich.
    – Azza & Younis, Newcastle, 2017
    We had a hard time finding anyone in Hull who did circumcisions. After reading the reviews we decided to go to Circumcisions North East. Everything was explained very well to myself and my partner. The clinic was very clean. The procedure went very well, and healed within a few days. And the aftercare contact was great. Thank you. Very happy with the results.
    -Kristie Bishop, Hull, 2017
    Warmly friendly and professional service was reassured throughout great after care no problems with baby, definitely would recommend
    -T. Iqbal , Fenham Newcastle, 2017
    I was a very nervous mother going to have my son circumcised but felt instantly at ease with the service given. The appointment was very informative and we were offered a 24 hour phone service in case we had any questions about the aftercare of our child. Everything we needed was also provided. Overall very happy with how our son was cared for.
    – Kirsty Graham, Sunderland, 2017
    An excellent job. I’m very pleased with his services especially the aftercare. Healing is very fast.
    – Aminat, Cumbria, 2017
    I was so pleased with Mr Freilich’s job. It was such a quick procedure and Zev showed so much care towards my son. I was so pleased to see Zev was available for me 24/7 to answer any concerns I may have had. My son healed within the time scale I was told which was fab. My son did not have to much discomfort after the circumcision. Overall such a clean and fantastic job. Thank you Zev. 🙂
    – M Bulmer, Sunderland, Dec 2016
    We would like to thank Mr. Freilich as he gave us a full description of the procedure and the aftercare support. First of all, we received an email with all the information about the circumcision and what to expect before the appointment so you will know what to expect. At the venue, everything was clean, the procedure was fast, and within the first 24 hours, Mr. Zev continued to check the condition of our baby and his healing process. We would like to thank you for your care and we would definitely recommend you.
    – S. Alkassar and S. Dawood, Newcastle, Dec 2016
    Circumcision Northeast offered a professional, thorough service. It was a job well done with extra care both before and after to make sure we felt as comfortable as possible. We would highly recommend Circumcision Northeast.
    – Reverend Cory Brock
    University of Edinburgh, PhD Candidate
    St. Columba’s Church, Discipleship and Teaching
    I just want to thank you so much for providing such a pleasant and reassuring experience. I felt my son was in expert hands – the circumcision was quick and comfortable for him and healed within a week
    – M W, Gateshead,
    We were very pleased with the level of expertise and care given by Mr Freilich.  I would not hesitate to recommend his service.
    – S Mantel, Gateshead,
    Mr Freilich was very professional, friendly and his experience showed through. [There were] plenty of opportunities to ask questions even after the surgery [and] it was very easy to follow the instructions. We would definitely recommend to friends and family.
    – J Biney, Rotherham,
    After feeling very nervous and anxious about my sons procedure, the service we received was very informative and relaxed making me feel better for my son. Would definitely recommend to others my son is doing fine less than 24 hours later. Thank you
    – Mrs Bahreini, Maryport Cumbria, .
    Thank for your good service. It was hard to find expert like you I am happy we met you. The circumcision process went smoothly [and] it healed within four days. Our son Thomas is doing great I will always recommend you for the family.
    – Kerrie & Moses L.
    I just want to thank you so much for a job well done. The whole process was quick and our baby healed within a week. The waiting area is well presented and your pre op explanations was on point. My wife was nervous at the beginning but after when you explain she was well reassured. Once again thank you and we will most definitely recommend your services to friends.
    – Lamin Darboe,
    It was a pleasure meeting you for the nice circumcision you performed on my grandson Flynn Ezra [in Edinburgh].  All was well with Flynn Ezra during his recovery and we thank you for your care and professionalism.
    – Dr W.Lipschutz Pediatrician EPICURA Ath Belgium,
    As a first time mum, the thoughts of caring for a tender newborn scared me to my bones but I am glad to say that my encounter with Circumcisions North East threw my fears out of the window.
    Firstly, the procedure was well explained to me and I had the opportunity to ask questions before and after the circumcision and my questions were answered satisfactorily.
    The circumcision was done very quickly and there was no bleeding afterwards, not even a spot. The aftercare instructions were easy to follow and effective. I was very impressed with the follow up calls to check how my baby was doinig. My baby healed almost completely within 9 days.
    Overall, I am very satisfied with the home circumcision service I had and will recommend Circumcisions North East to anyone. I will definitely use the service again in future.
    – Mildred O. Ajebon, Postgraduate Research Student, Durham University,
    We would like to thank you for the quick process of circumcision for our son, your patience and advice. Our baby took just 7 days to heal . Many thanks
    – H & amp; F, Darlington,
    Had my grandsons circumcision done on Sunday 9/10/2016 he was 7 days old the procedure took about 10 mins and he was back in my arms and was comfortable. We were told about the after care which was very easy. He was healed within 3 days unbelievable. [I have] been getting circumcision done for over 30 years in the family [and it has] never been so easy in the past. Zev was so good and after care was fantastic.
    Zev thank you so so much
    – Jed Iqbal – Operations Director
    Kans and Kandy
    I am writing to convey my upmost satisfaction for the way our son was circumcised and how well we got treated. My wife and I feel that we put at ease and all our questions answered to our satisfaction. As we left we were confident that if there was any concerns we would be seen without delay and in fact when my wife had some concerns at the wee hours of the morning and called northeast circumcision she was well assisted. I cannot hesitate to recommend my friends and family to you.
    Thanks for everything. My son is doing great as we continue to follow your advice.
    – Mr and Mrs Kariuki,
    Mr Zev was amazing with our baby Rayyan’s circumcision everything was done in a gentle and professional manner. We were extremely pleased with the care Rayyan received during and after the circumcision took place. After we came home we received hourly texts and calls from Dr Zev to find out [about] Rayyan’s recovery, which we found very reassuring. Rayyan healed within the week and completely recovered in 2 weeks he only really cried when he was passing water. We are extremely pleased with the care we received with Mr Zev and will use him with all our future boys hopefully. Thank you Mr Zev for all your care with Rayyan
    – From Rayyan’s mummy and family – Newcastle, 2016
    We were very happy with the services. My son healed completely in five days.
    Thanks Mr Freilich; thanks for everything, for your reassuring and support before, during and after the circumcision. Really you are the best! I cannot hesitate to recommend parents to you – Dad and mom, your son will be in expert hands with Mr Zev Freilich”.
    – N Alsaedi – Newcastle, 2016
    Hi I would like to say that my partner and I are pleased with the circumcision of our son Justin 10 days after his birth. I feel very happy and will advise anyone who wants to circumcise his son to go to Mr Freilich.
    Thanks a lot Mr Freilich for a job well done
    – Kelechi Ebeniro – Newcastle, 2016
    Overall I am very satisfied with the services. Mr Freilich was very reassuring that process will go very well and that boosted my confidence quite well. The environment was very clean and tidy. The company is very amazingly organised in all aspect of its operation. The necessary support that parents need to go through the scary was provided.  I am very happy with the services.
    – Kenneth Okonkwo Chizubo, Newcastle, 2016

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